Waukegan Flood Control Installation

Reliable Flood Control & Flood Prevention Systems Installations in Waukegan IL

At Wendrick's Plumbing it is our highest priority to provide reliable flood control systems. Due to the volatile weather conditions  typically experienced throughout the Chicago area, natural disaster is quite common. Floods in your home can come from heavy rains, rapidly melting snow or even city sewer backups.  Having sewer water and debris entering your home can be extremely toxic and damaging to your home.

When a sewer fills up, it becomes pressurized and the water (along with the debris) often take the path of least resistance and come up through your drain pipes (toilets, showers baths, sinks and other drains in you property). Having a flood prevention system installed from Wendrick's Plumbing can help eliminate the chances of flooding in your property.

When you call Wendrick's Plumbing, our technicians will come out and inspect your property, the elevation and determine the best possible options to help prevent backup in your home, building or office. Our licensed and experienced plumbers will go over several options to protect your property and discuss how much protection each different solution will provide and help you select the right level of protection for your budget.

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Wendrick's Plumbing is the leading provider of flood control and flood prevention systems around the Beach Park, Gurnee, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest and the Waukegan areas.

If you want professional and  reliable plumber to secure your property, be sure to call Wendrick's Plumbing. We provide 24 hour plumbing service and can install the right flood protection system to secure your property properly before the next big storm comes.

Most Common Types of Flood Prevention Systems and Flood Controls in the Chicago Area

Overhead Sewer Conversion

Many in the industry believe Overhead Sewer Conversion to be the absolute best and most reliable way to protect your property from flooding due to sewer backup. An overhead sewer system uses a sewer pipe which is raised over the level of your basement floor. Overhead Sewer Conversion can stop city sewer water and debris from entering your basement.

Double Check Valve Flood Control System

The Double Check Valve Flood Control System is a quality flood prevention system commonly used in the Chicago area. This system is often chosen due to it's Double Check Valve System, which provides an extra layer of protection for your property. These systems are typically installed outside in the front yard of a home. These units provide protection from backflow from your city sewer pipes because the check valve closes from the pressure and stops the flow, directing it away from your home. 

Tramco Flood Control Systems

Tramco is a Chicago based company that provides many of the quality flood prevention systems we install here in the Waukegan & Lake Forest areas. Tramco (like Wendrick's) has been around for over fifty years and are well known for the high quality and durability of their devices. These units may be installed either on the interior or exterior of the home.

Tramco has been building and perfecting their systems right here in Chicago since the 1950’s. Today, they are known for their reliability and long life without the need for constant maintenance. Tramco devices use a heavy-duty pump strategically placed inside an aluminum basin. These devices use numerous check valves to prevent flooding even while residents may continue using their drains.

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