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When searching for a leak detection service, it is important to call a licensed and insured plumbing contractor with experienced technicians. Wendrick's Plumbing is Waukegan and Gurnee Illinois's most trusted 24 hour plumbing service and has been providing reputable service for over 50 years. If you need a plumber dial 847-662-3597.

Having an unnoticed water leak can be beyond devastating to your home or office over a period of time. Water leaks left undetected can set into your buildings structure and can literally destroy your walls ceilings and floors as well as prized possessions.  Water leaks can also cause mold and mildew damage to the structure of a building and may even lead to serious health issues. Having a water leak can also lead to higher water bills over time.

Signs of Water Leaks

Like having a clogged drain, having water leaks are often easy to detect. Sometimes however, they may not always be so easy to identify. Here are 5 sure signs to keep an eye out for when you're wondering if you have a water leak:

  1. You are starting to notice mold and mildew growing in concentrated areas.
  2. You notice less water pressure then normal.
  3. You can hear trickling water running through your walls.
  4. You find unusual water pools located in your home.
  5. You notice a significant increase in water usage on your bill.
If you observe any one of the above, you may want to consider having an inspection by a licensed plumber at Wendrick's Plumbing to look for water leakage. When you call a plumber from Wendrick's, you can rest assured your leak will be detected and whatever may be causing the leak will be repaired so you won't have to worry about anymore damage being caused to your home or office.

Common Techniques Used to Detect Water Leaks

There are numerous approaches that can be utilized to discover a leak as well as for fixing the actual water leaks.

If positive about the location of a leak, a plumber can put a nail into the wall or flooring to check for signs of unwanted water. If water pours out of the opening, then there is water in the wall. This will give a quick determination as to how much water is there.

Another technique to test for water is through meter testing. This allows you to measure the water pressure in one pipeline and contrast it with to that to the pressure of a regular pipe. You may also use a special camera to look into the walls and assess the situation more appropriately, often done by measuring from different angles to detect the exact location of the leak.

If You Are In Need of a Quality Leak Detection Service, Call our 24 Hour Plumbing Hotline at (847) 662-3597 to schedule your leak detection service. We are proud to be the most trusted plumber servicing Grayslake, Gurnee, Lake Forest, Libertyville, North Chicago, Waukegan and the surrounding suburbs.

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