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Wendrick's Plumbing is the Waukegan Area leading provider of trenchless sewer repair. Perhaps you may be noticing foul odors continually entering your home.  Toxic gases emit from corrupted sewer pipes and may be harmful to your family. If you are having problems with your sewer line continuously backing up or you are experiencing bad odors coming from your sewer pipes, be sure to contact Wendrick's Plumbing at 847-662-3597.

So What Exactly is Trenchless Sewer Line Repair?

When a sewer line breaks, it typically needs to be replaced. Replacing sewer lines can be a big job because it typically requires tractors or excessive digging. This digging may not be best for where your sewer pipe is located due to expensive shrubbery, swimming pools or concrete.

In order to eliminate this evasive digging and prevent you from having to damage your property, trenchless sewer repair may be your ticket to avoiding this excessive digging.

Trenchless sewer repair allows you to replace a portion of the damaged or corrupted sewer line without unwanted digging or destruction of property. This minimally invasive procedure can save you thousands of dollars in damage from digging your yard or tearing up your expensive landscaping or concrete. Restoration costs of landscaping can be costly and trenchless sewer line repair allows you to avoid excessive digging while allowing you to properly resolve your to issue at hand. 

Common Signs to Determine Your Sewer Lines are Corrupted

Some of the telltale signs to determine if your sewer lines are damaged are as follows:

Sewer Backup 

Many times you may notice water coming up from a drain pipe while flushing a toilet in the bathroom. If you are experiencing this, it could be a sign of a broken sewer line.

Slow Drainage  

If you are noticing your drainage going very slowly it can either be a sign of a damaged sewer line or a sewer line may have debris logged in the drain pipe. 

Water Pooling 

If you notice pools of water in your yard during a heavy rain, it could signify a damaged line n near that area. Many people notice water pooling when they have a corrupted sewer line.  

Pulling Roots from Your Sewer

If you have a stubborn sewer and have rodded it out many times and find tree roots coming up, that shows a branch may have corrupted your sewer line.

While these are some of the common signs you may have a sewer problem, it is often best to have a licensed plumber come out to inspect the line. In some cases we can take an x-ray of the sewer line to determine a break.  Our plumbing technicians can insert a camera down your sewer line to find precisely where the break is and show you the video so you know precisely where the break is.

If are experiencing issues with your sewer line, contact Wendrick's Plumbing today.

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